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5/16/09 Updated Gallery Whew!  New brags N wags!
3/1/08 Updated brags! Brags!    &     New Champions
01/20/08 Our latest hopeful - Flash Hot Flash
01/20/08 Pups for sale AVAILABLE PUPPIES
11/6/07 New Litter! Announcements
11/06/07 Check out Ares! ARES
11/5/07 New link to Jane JANE
7/1/07 Check out new pup for sale!  
6/16/07 New JC girl! Cricket
4/24/07 See Whats New in our pups! Announcements!
3/9/07 Wow... Check out Dylan! Dylan
1/1/07 Waiting in the wings photos.... Cupcake and Dylan
1/1/07 New Article on Lepto Leptospirosis
10/9/06 New Dachshund Outfits Dachshund
10/9/06 New IG Outfits IG 4 legged
10/9/06 New IG Panties! Panties
10/8/06 Puppies available to pet homes announcements
7/20/06 Microchipping IMPORTANT PLEASE READ
7/1/06 New Photos of Paris Paris
7/1/06 New Photos of Thelma Thelma
7/1/06 Check out our New Boy Cash
5/60/06 See our new Italian Link! Kiss
4/9/06 Our recent show successes Brags
4/3/06 New Champion Pluto! Ch. Izat Blackacre Paladin
2/27/06 CHECK OUT THE PURSES! Purses by Diane
2/16/06 Di Mare Malibu Barbie Paris -  Thank you Debbie for our new girl!
2/14/06 New outfits, SHOPPING CART! Go shopping for IG & Dachshund stuff!
2/2/06 Virgil x Duchess girl Thelma
2/2/06 Virgil x Duchess boy Bravo  (new photos added 2/16/06)
2/2/06 Virgil x Duchess boy Neet-o
2/2/06 COMING TO THE SHOW RING Upcoming hopefuls
11/28/05 Abbie's Death Abbie
11/28/05 Puppy Photos Announcements
11/28/05 New Clothes! Clothing Items
11/27/05 Pluto's 3rd Major PLUTO
10/18/05 Check out or For Sale page! Announcements
10/11/05 Our National Results See IZAT home page for individual dog's wins.
7/9/05 New Photos of Honey Honey
7/9/05 New Collars for sale! Collars
6/5/05 New photos of Andy kids Andy
6/5/05 new photos of Hunter Kids Hunter
5/21/05 Currently Showing Wags N Brags
4/4/05 New photo of Azure Azure
2/17/05 Introducing Honey Honey
2/17/05 New Photos of Azure! Azure
2/17/05 Candid Photos Candid
1/17/05 Scandal gets an AOM at Eukanuba Invitational Scandal's story
1/17/05 New Champion for Andy Andy's Website
12/15/04 New Rescues dogs available Rescue dogs
11/12/04 New! MINI Dachshund Sweaters Mini Dachshund
11/2/04 New! Snoods Snoods
11/2/04 New! IG Small Panites Panties
11/2/04 New! IG Hooded and 4 Legged Sweaters! Hooded Sweaters and 4 Legged Sweaters!
11/2/04 New Collars! Collars
10/31/04 PUPPY PHOTOS Puppies at play!  (coming soon)
10/31/04 New! Grooming Gloves & Aprons Grooming Supplies
10/31/04 IG Hooded and 4 Legged Sweaters! Hooded Sweaters and 4 Legged Sweaters!
10/16/04 New IG Sweaters & Panties Supplies
10/13/04 DACHSHUND Sweaters Dachshund Sweaters
10/12/04 St. Louis Mo Rescue Link! ST. LOUIS MO RESCUE
10/1/04 See Dottie on the Move
(this is a movie file)
Dottie on the move
To view Dottie's Page
9/25/04 Check our New Gallery of Champons Gallery of champions
9/20/04 See Ditto on the Move Ditto on the move
To See his page!
9/15/04 Hunter x Duchess - Single pup born PHIDEAUX - Blackacre Izat Go Dog Go
9/12/04 TOMMY GETS HIS CHAMPIONSHIP! New Ch. Izat Play The Game
9/12/04 Rainbow and Heather are New Top Producers! CH. Misty Vale's Rainbow High
Kato-Blackacre Autumn Attire