Video on Movement

Ch. Blackacre Little Hanky Panky
at 7 months of age...
please allow time for video to download...

Sorry about the grainy texture of video - best we could do!


The Standard states:  "Action:  High stepping and free, front and hind legs to move forward in a straight line.

Abbie exhibits the almost perfect high step with the free reaching movement.  Her high step is not overdone and does not interfear with her ability to reach forward beyond her nose.  

The Standard states:  "Neck: Long, slender and gracefully arched. "

Abbie shows the proper slender arch to her neck.  She carries her head up and forward and not straight up as seen in breeds like the Min Pin (which in my opinion is incorrect for the Italian Greyhound).

The Standard states:  "Shoulders:  Long and sloping. "

This video gives an excellent example of the shoulders in action.  The interaction of of shoulder and upper forarm are visible along with the muscular action.

The Standard states:  "Body:  Of medium length, short coupled; high at withers, back curved and drooping at hindquarters, the highest point of curve at start of loin, creating a definite tuck-up at flanks."

Watch carefully the film.  Notice that at no time does Abbie drop her shoulders below her back line.  Her withers remain high and the curve remains in it's proper place, over the loins.

The Standard States:  "Hindquarters:  Long, well-muscled thigh; hind legs parallel when viewed from behind, hocks well let down, well-bent stifle".

Watch the rear movement.  Notice that Abbie completes the drive by following through with the hocks.  Her power comes from long well muscled thigh bones and the forward thrust from short hocks.   A major fault seen in many toy breeds is sickle hocks, where the hocks show no bend to or movement.  Notice that she does not forge (when back leg meets front leg), but lands almost perfectly where her front foot left the ground

Can you Spot Abbie's fault in this video?

Hint:  "Tail: Slender and tapering to a curved end, long enough to reach the hock; set low, carried low. Ring tail a serious fault, gay tail a fault. If you guess her gay tail your right!

Please Note:   These are my own interpretations of the Italian Greyhound standard and should not be considered to be the thoughts of all breeders/exhibitors/judges.