Ch. Izat Play The Game
IT-PA141/45/M//P -NOPI
OFA Hips Excellent
15" tall (measure on wicket after a year of age)

***Tommy came out to play at 4 years of age, and completed his Championship in record time! ***


@  WD/BOS over special 9/12/04 for a 5 point major to finish!
@  WD/BOW 8/20/04 in GA for a  4 point major!
*** Tommy took the summer months off from showing***
@  WD/BOW two days 4/25/04 in AL
@  3 point major in Newnan Georgia 3/27/04!

Thank you to his co-owner &  co-breeder Paula Carroll for putting a fire
under me and telling me to get him out to shows!

We are very proud of our Tommy!
He is also proving to be an outstanding producer - watch for his son Dylan at shows!

Tommy is 15" of high stepping elegance


Tommy makes pretty babies!   These gorgeous babies were a product of an Italian bred mother
There were 7 puppies in the litter!


Date of Birth: 05/05/00
PROUDLY BRED BY Paula Carroll and Karen Thayne

Pedigree of Ch. Izat Play The Game






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