LGRA Racing
Italian Greyhound Style!


Loading dogs

Loading 3rd dog in to his box slot (3)

Starter checks the front to make sure all dogs are looking forward, then races around to open box.

Dogs released from Box (Paulie in front, Sassy, Iggy and Mocha in rear)


Paulie in front, Mocha, Iggy and Sassy


Another race...  Sassy in front, Azure in Blue, Scandal in White

Hunter in Blue, Mocha in Red, Alex in White

Scandal in blue

Not sure the other dogs, Scandal is in Blue far right.

Not sure all dogs, Azure in Red

Hunter in Red, middle is Alax and in white is Mocha

Paulie in Red, Azure in Blue, Scandal in White, Sassy in green

Alax in Red, Azure in White, Scandal in blue

Much needed rest.

Waiting for the next race...


After such a hard day... a good rest on a comfortable couch is in order!