Izat Paint Your Wagon

This is Domino - who will be 2 years of age in September 99.  He's a lovely little 14 1/2 " boy.  This boy has tremendous reach and drive, along with a very nice topline.  Notice the front foot extends past the nose and the back foot completes the movement by pushing off.  His power comes from the use of his entire back assembly (from hip to hock).  Domino also shows a very good underline.  He is short coupled with his length coming from the rib cage and not the loin.  His head is held in the upright position (without the aid of a lead), showing that front extension can be reached without dropping the head.  Notice that he is not forging.  His back left hind foot is ready to step where the front left foot is leaving, without clipping.

Domino again, this time showing lift without excessive breaking in the pastern. Withers are high.  His high step is almost level to his elbow.  The tail is carried low behind him giving an even flow to the  overall "picture". His right front pastern is not "up and down" but has a correct slight bend to it, giving strength and flexibility to the front assembly.  The neck is set well into his shoulders.

Domino on a downward swing to his movement. Again, note the forearm extending and reaching out to grab ground.

One tired dog from trotting after me :o).  This is with head lowered.  Despite being tired, he does not drop his withers (i.e. dip at the shoulderblades).  However, in dropping his head, he has managed to flatten a bit in the topline. Note the position of the left legs.  He is forging slightly, which is probably due to his being hot and tired!

Touch down and gathering himself up for the next movement.  Nice long neck. His tail set is nice and low.  This picture shows the entire front shoulder muscles working to complete the movement.  His back right  hock is flexing to bring the foot forward.


Kato-Blackacre Superstition

This is Stormy at 4 years of age.  Lacking a major to finish and me to get back out to the show rings!  This is a very lovely moving dog - even if we are going down hill! :o)  Notice the powerful back motion as the back foot completes the motion.  The back pads are visible showing completion of the thrust.  His tail set is not as good as Domino's and is set a bit higher.  

Here again is Stormy with a side shot - the light was bad so he's a bit bright in the sun!  This is a  beautiful topline, not overdone.  We would love to see a bit more extension up front, but the front leg reaches to the nose and he is extending his forearm.  The reach and drive are balanced to each other.

We couldn't resist this photo, despite being too bright!  His outline is wonderful.


Izat Silver Charm

This is Clara.  She's not as powerful a mover as the other two, and is high in the rear.  This gives the effect of appearing to run "down hill".  Her shoulder placement is not as good.  The reach up front isn't as smooth as the previous dogs.  The forearm doesn't reach out and is restricted.  She is balanced in her front and rear movement.  .  Her Underline (brisket) is wonderful.  She also holds her topline while on the move.

Clara says after all that hard work she needed a little dip in the pool!


Blackacre Havana Moon

This is Valerie.  She will be 2 in December 99. She has nice extension of front and forearm.  The back hock is nicely behind her and ready for push-off.  Her topline could be a bit more curvy, but the tail set is wonderfully low and carried low.  Her brisket could be  a little deeper and more defined (although with the white it appears less than it is).  She is longer in loin than the other two, but for a female this helps to carry puppies and is easier to give a little in this area.




LEFT DOG:  This dog has the rear hock almost to the center of body.  Hock is tilted a bit outwards.   The right foot when it comes down will cross and land in front of left foot.  (This is Grace, one of my pet girls.)          

RIGHT DOG:  This dog's rear is almost dead center under hips.  Hocks are straight up & down  (perpendicular) from ground.  The pad of right foot is visible showing completion of drive.  This is Ch.Andy (Ch. Blackacre L'Image Mo'Better Blues) and is the sire of Izat Paint Your Wagon.


More movement photos to come!  Please be patient as the camera operator is sometimes slow (i.e. the husband!) to agree to help out! :o)

Run Dutchess run!