Born February 19, 1961 - Flaminia was to pave the way for the future of our breed.    Her breeder, Mrs. Freeman F. Gosden imported her sire, the great Ch. Winterlea Piero (top winning IG 1959) from Scotland and imported her mother - Ch. Xena vom Bayerischen Meer - from Germany.   She leased Flaminia to Russo Kennels.

She finished her championship at 10 months of age.  

At 1 year of age she had 1 BIS, 1GR1, 5 GR2, 7GR3, 2GR4 and 28 BOB's. Flaminia was top dog for the breed in 1962.  

At 3 years of age, was the dark horse candidate for the 1964 Kennel Review Best Toy Award, Flaminia took the win and followed it up with a phenomenal BIS and Group career.

At 4 years of age she was nominated Top Western Toy Dog in 1965.  Some of her phenomenal wins still stand today and she will forever be known as the dog who created all the "FIRST's" in our breed.

She was the first Italian Greyhound to gain an All-Breed Best in Show.    
She held the record of 6 Best In Shows until Rio broke that record in 1993/94.   
She is still the FIRST AND ONLY Italian Greyhound to win Group 1 at Westminster.  
First to come out of retirement and win Best of Breed from the Veteran's Class at an IG specialty over an entry of 56 (she also went on to a Group 2 that day).

And incredible bitch who deserves to be remembered as one of the great ones in our breed.    

Many thanks to June Mastrocola who provided me articles and pictures.

Sex: female

Color: chestnut and white

Date of Birth: 2/19/61

Breeder: owner

Owner: Freeman F Gosden

Pedigree of CH Flaminia Of Alpine





CH Winterlea Piero

CH Ulisse Di Peltrengo Of Winterlea

Simba Springinsfeld

Jolly Springinsfeld

Kosi V Erlengrund

Ombretta Di Peltrengo

Earl V Bayerischen

Lulu Za Di Peltrengo

Valeria Di Peltrengo

King Springinsfeld

Beryil Springinsfeld

Charis Springinsfeld

Ornella Di Peltrengo

Earl V Bayerischen

Lulu Za Di Peltrengo

CH Xena V Bayerischen Meer

Labambi V Bayerischen Meer

Golo Vd Porta Westfalica

Erno V D Bojaria

Geisha V D Porta Westfalica

Alfa V Bayerischen Meer

Golo Vd Porta Westfalica

Edda Vd Porta Westfalica

Arabella Savelli

Lios Arco

Petit De La Crahe

Nixe V Heinbrand

Kosi V Erlengrund

Ary V D Schonen Assicht

Warte V Heinbrand