Izat Blackacre I'm too Sexy


Of Ideal Elegance & Grace…
Of medium length, short coupled; high at withers, back curved and drooping at hindquarters, the highest point of curve at start of loin, creating a definite tuck-up at flanks.  
Neck: Long, slender and gracefully arched.
Shoulders: Long and sloping
Forelegs:  Long, straight, set well under shoulder;

 Strong pasterns, fine bone.
Chest: Deep and narrow.
Height at withers ideally 13 to 15 inches.

At 13 1/4 inches tall
We think he fits the AKC standard!

I'm thrilled to own this boy with his breeders,
Paula Carroll (Blackacre) & M.L. Breeze (Breez'n)

Watch for us in 2008!


Pedigree of Izat Blackacre I'm Too Sexy


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CH Misty Vale's Rainbow High

CH Brio's Sunny Skies

CH Uwharrie's Mtn's Firestorm

CH. Dasa's Chances Are

CH Luxenberg's Kiss Me Kate

CH La Bijou Con Brio

CH Kabar Lancelot Of La-mar

CH Ariel Appoggiatura

CH Misty Vale's Fanny Brice

CH. Silver Bluff Donzi Di Grazia

CH Eljean's Scooter

Dasa Bonnie Blue Silver Bluff

CH Marchwind Stars N Stripes

CH Dasa's Fleet Of Foot

CH Marchwind's Fly By Night

Kato- Blackacre Autumn Attire

CH Blackacre Cry Freedom

CH Blackacre Full Metal Jacket

CH Jokira's Blackjack

Bellacontessa Di Renaissance
Giovanni's Rose D'renaissance

CH Giovanni's Giancarlo Ii

Giovanni's Aurora

CH Blackacre Little Hanky Panky

CH Giovanni's Renaissance Man

CH Giovanni's Blue Bayou

Giovanni's Serenity

CH P & D's Gold Coast Regina

CH Paiga's Amico Mio

Paiga's Nina
Blackacre Appalachian Spring

CH Blackacre L'image Mo'better Blues

CH Giovanni's Renaissance Man

CH Giovanni's Blue Bayou

Turinger Blue Gasshopper

CH Giovanni's Cigno D'dasa

Giovanni's Serenity

CH Giovanni's Aldo Cella

Giovanni's Serendipity

CH Klassic's Sugar Dust De L'image

CH Dasa's Compte Dante

CH Dasa's Zigfield

CH Dasa's Wildwood Flower

CH Spirit's Wyndsong

CH Gretal's Hansell Di Regio Ii

CH Tapscott's Ardente Intimita

CH Blackacre Carnelian Mosiac

CH Blackacre Full Metal Jacket

CH Jokira's Blackjack

CH Debo's Dapper Dan

Jaduli's Debo-gina Of Jokira
Bellacontessa Di Renaissance
P & D's Windy City Bravo

CH P & D's Gold Coast Regina

CH Micro Aqua Auroa Of Tailwind

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