The Duck is Dead


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Iggies speak up about stuffed toys....

The talking duck has been a much favored toy in my household - thanks to JudyLonghouse who sent it as a "birth gift" to my babies. It never really made it to the babies, as the adults around here laid instant claim to the darn thing. If you haven't seen these toys, they have talkers within and the duck in particular quacks about 5 times in a row for about 30 seconds. It can be quite annoying when iggies figure out how to keep it going for up to 45 minutes!

After the noise maker died, I removed the offending thing. It died a horrible gut- wrenching death. It sounded as if the Quack had become - quuuuaaaa and it would not stop saying "quaaaaaa". Even when I threw the quacker into the garbage, everytime the garbage lid was opened, a faint "quaaa" could be heard at the bottom of the barrel (as if testimony to its protest of death). But because the Duck was a much-loved toy, I decided to let the dogs still have the joy of playing with the now voiceless duck.

Even without the noise, this duck was passed from iggie to iggie and a good game of tug-of-war was never passed-up. One day an Iggie approached, mournful eyes looking up towards me with a tale-tell faint yellow fabric peaking outside her mouth. A wing had torn from the body of the beloved duck. The now single wing, along with a lone prized pink rabbit ear, are amoung the favorite toys of the iggies.

The Duck had survived a "de-quacking" along with an injured wing (hanging on by a few threads) and another completely amputated wing. However, these things alone did not cause its ultimate demise. Now the duck is truly and well dead...with its stuffing littered amoung the numerous couches as testimony of it's final struggle to survive the battle of the iggies.

As I gazed down at it's deflated body, it's neck limply dangling between my fingers, I wondered as I gave it a proper burial if it too would miraculously reappear in its second incarnation as had the once treasured pink flamingo. The pink flamingo had first died over two years ago only to suddenly reappear as if from the grave, with nothing left but the torn faded pink fabric to tell of it's once glorious existence.

I'm not sure how the iggies are going to take not having their yellow duck around, and I'm not quite sure how to break the news. Perhaps I will take a cruise to the store today to quietly replace the old with a new. My only hope is that the old duck will never mysteriously reappear to give a quacking testimony of my deception.

Iggies speak up on the subject of food...

One film that is enjoyed with frequency here is Jurassic Park 2. Those who have seen it know about the opening scene with the little girl with the sandwich and the little dinosaurs who attack her. I've come to the conclusion that when Jurassic Park 2 was made - some producer somewhere saw these little iggies and captured them in their prehistoric form.  In fact, little Clara is known around here as the "Veloca- Raptor".

With lots of laughter I must admit this is no longer speculation on our parts, but truth!  My husband made me a lovely turkey sandwich to enjoy. But I was soon surrounded by hungry little iggies who eyed me and that sandwich with a little too much gusto!

Duchess with her usual sense of royalty ignored all laws and immediately jumped into my lap to investigate what tidbit of food I had. Admoshing her for her boldness I kept an eye on her and the rest of the pack who were steadily inching closer. Unfortunately, Duchess's bold move created a wave of interest (not to mention that tantalizing smell of turkey) which in turn had each and every iggie in the house swarming me.

Trapped on the couch with no where to go, I held the sandwich high above me and hollered "Get back!". Unfortunately, I forgot that the back of the couch was the perfect hiding place of one Ms. Abigail! My hand suddenly felt much lighter and looking up I realized a large portion of my sandwich was now missing and an Abigail was looking quite smug! Taking my eyes off the pack was a mistake and suddenly I was bowled over by a group of enthusiac dogs climbing over me to reach the sandwich.

I'm sad to report that the sandwich and me lost :)...

The inheritance of certain traits in IGs:

Bouncing: Medium to high inheritance. If one parent is a bouncer, then a portion of the puppies will also be butt bouncers, wall bouncers, etc. etc. etc.

Expanding in beds: High inheritance. This gene allows them to "expand" during the night - becoming giant dogs able to cover the entire bed - leaving you clinging to the side hoping you don't fall off (after all you don't want to WAKE them ). Sometime around 5 a.m. (or just when you are waking - there is a gene that tells them this too), they automatically shrink back to normal size - leaving you feeling foolish for clinging to the side of the bed when there is all sorts of room for you to lay down properly.

Couches: Dominant gene. This 'gene" tells them when you sit on the couch - EVERYONE must sit RIGHT NEXT TO you - and heaven forbid if you get up - you will loose your spot. If you choose another couch - everyone must move from that couch to the couch you are on. I believe this gene has been identified as the "school fish" trait.

Covers: Dominant gene. While it has an incomplete dominance for such things as ability to get under covers by themselves - it is definitely a breed trait - no Iggie should be bred unless this trait is apparent. Some IG's also have a gene that allows them to demand you cover them - I believe this gene is masked. We sometimes do not realize a manipulator until faced with one.

Lap-itis - Geneticist are not sure if this is an inherited trait or a disease.  It is frequently characterized as by IG's who MUST be in your lap at all times. Thankfully this disease is not fatal, however owners have been known to suffer from stiffness and aching joints attempting to NOT MOVE so that their iggies can be comfortable.

Queens: Possibly a learned trait - characterized by IG's who believe they have owners under their thumbs. Owners frequently find themselves being outwitted and feeling as if somehow the dogs are snickering behind their back - but they are not sure. It has been documented (at least in this household) that it definitely is a passed on from generation to generation.


Duchess was born the last of the "Mrs. A" children.  She came 12 hours after the birth of her first sister.  The moment I saw her I knew that this dog would become a special part of my life.  She is seven pounds of pure love.  Mischievous, sassy, smart and funny all describe her.  My lap warmer, heart stealer and boss - all rolled into one small package.  


The Agony of Puppies, (Furcoated Razor Blades)

The Birth of Clara and Duchess litter (1998)

Left to right: (the pinto litter)
Duchess, Splash, Maggie, Domino
(as babies)

Yep, as the subject implies, my BLUEBERRIES have turn into fur coated Razor Blades. They are the Jeffry Domar of puppies!!! A "Fly by hit" is always a fun thing to them! Which consists of flying by at high speed and grabbing any external parts of a human body. That these parts do not detach, is of no consequence and little razor marks left by thier blade-like teeth are just reminders they "were there".

Little Hoodlems.

This morning's activities consisted of removing pillows and couch covers, tearing down an empty bag of Dog food (ie shredding the paper cover of the bag) and leaping up to bite mommie's face!!

I am attempting to spare the older dogs the agonies these puppies inflict, but this morning Grace and Izzy decided that it was too cold to go outside early!!!! So as punishment, I turned the hoodlems loose on them. Izzy wised up real quick and was at the door begging to go out. Grace decided that it would be a blast to play with puppies, until she discovered that they no longer hold back, but were attempting to disassemble her!! She too, beat a hasty retreat outside (cold or no cold!).

Their mother (Nadine) has long since given up disciplining her children. She just looks at me with big dark brown eyes that says "Don't ask me where they came from!"

I keep telling myself, this is only a phase, it will pass.

Well... what trouble could be afforded to them today?

The first order of business of the 5 hellions was to float above the ground, grab show leads off the wall and busily chew them to bits (I personally believe the older iggies put them up to this!). I am still trying to figure out how they achieved this one as they would have had to levitate off the ground in order to reach these leads!!!

Since that particular "toy" was taken from them, they proceeded with their next plan of attack and began to systematically destroy what is left of my blood pressure by leaping on to the BIG couches! After declining to let them do this to me, they decided that other items of interest would be again, to steal my shoes.

Because I was not interested in having my house torn to shreds, I diverted their activities with a nice warm meal of kibble and rice (to help with their digestion - since I saw a few runny stools yesterday). This plan worked beautifully with these hellions! They were very unsuspecting of their impending "lock up" <G>.

For those unfamiliar with this problem, it now takes super-human effort to put them back in their "cage" once you take them out. For every pup you put in, two leap out. It is now a game to hide under the couch if you see mommy coming to put you back in!!! The famous "iggie deafness" is a most effective tool when not wanting to return to their pen. Names, the ones that the know during "free time" suddenly become a foreign language to them.... If only I had more than two hands, two feet and a body to block them in when putting them away... sigh.

Now before you laugh yourself silly, I will tell you about the angels of my life... the "Pintos".... At least they are angels now... <G>.

These darling 4 1/2 week old babies do NOT bite. They are little snuggle bugs who prefer to love you than to annihilate you. Little Domino is a doll. He comes towards you with tail wagging, the first out of the box and the last to go back to the box. He absolutely adores people and loves to snuggle and play. He will roll on his back, look up at you with this cute little face and then attempt to entice you to play by waving his front paws at you. Duchess prefers to snuggle in your arms - she absolutely adores being held. Splash is the bold one of the bunch, she's off exploring the basement without a worry in the world. She is just too funny for words as she will do the run and "crash" into you when she wants your attention. Virgil is another Domino - he is playful, fun loving and a quick thinker. He easily shoves others out of his way when he wants attention. I had all of them snuggling with me and Virgil "backed" (butt first) into the "crowd", effectively shoving everyone else out of the way! <G>. Angel is also a love and will not be denied her attention! She will lick and kiss you until you pet her - all the while her tail going 90 to nothing! The last is Maggie, what can I say about this wonderful little girl? She may be the smallest of the bunch, but she takes no prisoners!!! Her sister Splash, which is twice her weight, and Maggie will play - Maggie always wins despite being the smaller of the two. She's the first to growl at anyone who attempts to take her on <G>. She too, throws herself at you when she wants your attention. She is bold, yet reserved at the same time... always thinking about things before acting. I believe she will be one who will NOT take death defying leaps off a sofa (thank god they aren't anywhere near that stage yet!). Maggie plays hard and sleeps hard and is just adorable.

Well, the day is not over just yet, so I'll keep my eye on any new developments from the HELLIONS. I'm sure by the end of the day, I will be wishing for relief <G>.