Lurecoursing with your Italian Greyhound

Scandal, demonstrating a classic greyhound bus pose!

Lure coursing is a fun and exciting sport to participate with your Italian Greyhound.
If your IG has a stable temperament, likes to run and is in good shape (always check with your vet first), consider lure coursing as an activity for the both of you.   Your IG will catch a thrill at running full out and you'll be hooked watching them run!   This is Scandal at her first ASFA trial in the single stakes.

Andy above at age 10 coursing

How old does the dog have to be before they can participate?   They must be a  year old to begin racing, but as for how long they can compete?  Above is Ch. Blackacre L'Image Mo Better Blues, better known as Andy, competing for the very first time and earning a leg towards his AKC JC... all at the tender age of 10 years old!

Azure, coursing