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Showing this 2009.....

 Izat Blackacre I'm too Sexy!
Dylan - a 13 inch Seal male!
Watch for him in 2009


Izat Knock Me Over

Feather is just starting her career in showing in 2009.   She's a knock-out!  Watch for her in the future!

Ch. Izat Blackacre La Te Da, GRC
She's done!
2007 Best in Futurity IGCA Nationals!
What an exciting future she has!

Her recent accomplishments are in the LGRA (racing) and ASFA (coursing) events! She completed her requirements for the LGRA title of GRC and is closing in on her ASFA Championship!  

Our Dewey x Dottie daughter is shaking up the ring! 
 1st time in the ring - WB from the BBE class!
2nd time - Wins her BBE class (while housemate wins the major)
3rd time - WB/BOS over specials 4 point major!
4th time - Best In Futurity at Nationals!
Our 2008 Debut:       
5th time - 2/1/08 Atlanta GA:  WB/BOW 2 points!
7th time - 2/3/08 Atlanta GA:  WB/BOW 5 pt major!
Sue-Sue took time out to go coursing and Racing!
The results?   She's sporting a new title on the end of her name  - GRC!
Our 2009 Debut:   
9th time - 4/3/09 Birmingham AL:  WB 2 points!

She is our newest BBE!

She'll be back on the coursing field going for her Field Championships!   


Waiting in the wings.....


Waiting in the wings.... 
Izat Blackacre Tout De Suite
Cupcake, pictured at 18 months old is waiting for Sue-Sue to finish!
Thank you Paula for allowing this dynamic Sweetie Daughter to come live with us!
ASFA certified and already coursing and racing, she's ready to hit the AKC Fields soon!


Waiting in the wings.... 
OOPS No longer waiting - she's done!
DC Izat Blackacre See Jane Run, SC, Fch

She didn't want to wait!  Jane completed her conformation career in 7 short shows!


She'll make your heart throb with excitement!


UCH/FC Izat Blackacre Kowabunga. GRC, SC, Fch
He'll be out in 2009 competing in coursing events!

GO ROONI-TUNES!   His most recent accomplishment is his new GRC title, earned in two weekends of racing events!
Earned his JC title on 4/12 & 4/13/08
Rafe rocked and rolled through his Field titles to become the #2 AKC Coursing IG!

Izat Blackacre HellzNo Hotter
aka Ginger -    
April 2006 - First shows = WB/BOW!
coming back out in 2009!
Loved and Owned by her co-breeder Paula Carroll




Performance Brags!
We've been told that our dogs aren't performance dogs.   It's true, we don't breed for performance, we breed for the correct IG.  And here is what our "correct" dogs can do!  




Izat Blackacre Hot Tamale NA, NAJ 
(A Rainbow x Heather Baby!)

9/2/06 Athena celebrated her 2nd birthday by getting her first AKC Agility Titles in the Novice Category.

Owned by Jeff & Tomoko, they started competing in May 06  but had to take the summer off as Athena refuses (smartly) to compete when the temperature is above 85

Pictured are Athena, her happy handler Jeff, along with her thrilled mom Tomoko showing off all the ribbons she has accumulated for her titles!


DC Izat Blackacre See Jane Run, SC, Fch

This HOT girl has created a spot in history for herself!   
#1 ASFA IG and #6 AKC Coursing IG for 2008.   She temporarily left her calling to pursue a career in Conformation, where she quickly finished with 3 FIVE POINT MAJORS!   This girl wants back out on the coursing field, so we will oblige her desires and get her back out there doing what she loves --- chasing the bunny!   Look for her both in the conformation ring and coursing field in 2009!


UCh/FC Izat Blackacre Kowabunga, SC, GRC Fch.

Rafe exploded into coursing just like his Daddy Dewey!
Making the Top 25 ALL BREED LGRA, Finishing in the Top LGRA Breed Finals, Top 5 ASFA, Top 5 AKC Coursing IG's  in 2008!   Look for him again on the coursing fields in 2009/2010! 




Blackacre Izat Native Son SC, FCh
Dewey exploded on to the ASFA & AKC venue with fantastic results.   His first ASFA weekend coursing, he was awarded a BOB in competition and Best in Event!  
He rocked his way to the Top 5 in ASFA and Top 20 AKC Coursing for 2008.  

Sadly, we lost Dewey to a tragedy with a pet product that killed him.   We miss him terribly.







Ch. Izat Blackacre Darling Nikki JC

Cricket's momma Paula won't let her come back out to play (she misses her too much).   So the darling will have to be content to watch her grandkids have all the fun!


Ch. Izat Blackacre Ooh La La SC

Dottie had a stellar year in 2008!  Producing a Frozen Semen litter for our breed!  Then off to the coursing fields where she obtained her Senior Coursing Title for AKC and is very close to finishing her ASFA Fch!   She finished in the Top 25 both for ASFA and AKC Coursing!   Her son and daughters are amazing!


U-CD, U-AG1, UKC CH Blackacre Whee One RA, OA, OAJ, CL3-R, CL2-F, CL1-SH, CGC

(currently working on getting her AKC CH, CD and UKC CDX, and AX/AXJ)

Congratulations to her owner Anne on such outstanding acheivements!







New Champion!
Blackacre Shadowland The Aeneid
Congratulations to Breeders Paula Carroll, A. Bradford & S. McClure
Living with Paula Carroll.

Thank you for allowing me to show him.