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Many thanks to Kristan U with  her Iggies  Opal and Gracie for sharing these photos.
If you have wondered about Agility and the Italian Greyhound, these photos will give you
an idea of how much both owner and dog enjoy this sport!
   Above is Opal and Kristan getting ready to start their course!

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Above is Opal demonstarting "air time". 
Opal is 14" and she is soaring over the jumps.
Kristan says that jumping is Opal's greatest joy - she loves jumping obsticals.

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Opal galloping out of the tunnel.

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Gracie - demonstrating perfect form for the weave poles.

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Gracie going up the teeter

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Gracie going down the teeter - notice she is in the contact zone (yellow).

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Gracie - through the tire!